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Bottle Less Water Cooler


Texas Proud H2O provides an affordable way to have high quality drinking water on demand with our Bottle-Less water coolers. Our 2-stage industrial grade filter systems provide unlimited hot/cold water on demand, eliminating the hassle of having to store or replace large, cumbersome bottles.

Texas Proud H20 has a convenient and affordable solution that all businesses - be it office building, warehouse, or refinery - can benefit from.


We provide options!  Whether you want Sqwincher or Gatorade, both brands provide unique products to cater to your needs. We have freezer pops, single serve sticks ready for mixing in a 16oz bottle, and pallets of the already prepared bottles ready to move with you and your team.  We make fueling your body simple and affordable with free onsite delivery.


As part of our Commercial Services Program we provide pallets of 16.9 ounce bottled water. We recognize the tremendous needs our Commercial and Industrial customers have regarding bottled water. Our delivery team is prepared to respond and deliver all palletized water orders within a 24 hour window. 

We keep an abundance of pallets of water in our air conditioned warehouse to meet any of your team's water needs.


Let us help you and your team make getting ice cold bottled water to remote job locations easy. We have developed our Commercial Ice and Water Totes for just that purpose. Our iced down 16.9 ounce water bottles are perfect for those companies looking to keep their workers hydrated and cool during their work day.

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Some of our regional clients


Texas Proud H20 has the absolute best clean and pure. Not only do they have a great product, they are kind and caring people who are family owned and operated. To me, they go the extra mile to make sure I have a vital necessity for my business, my employees and my patients. They are not just a company, they are family. We cannot do without our bottle-less water cooler!!

-Jasper County Urgent Care

Jasper, TX

"Texas Proud H2O and their team are one of the most remarkable companies we have ever done business with. Their competitive prices and prompt scheduling keep our teams hydrated and moving forward. The attention to detail is above the rest, and they always express concern to make sure we have the pallets of water we need. Their company and family truly stand out to me, and we consider it a privilege to do business with people of their level of integrity and devotion. 

-Ryan and Morgan Casteel - Texas Green Lawn & Landscape

Beaumont, TX

Dan and his staff have always been a pleasure to work with. They offer prompt service, even in times of emergencies. They have met our needs for over 6 years, and have proven to be trusted business partners. Echo Group looks forward to continuing business with Texas Proud for many years to come.

-Michael Richard

Maintenance Manager - Echo Group, Nederland Tx